Roubenka "Adélka" accommodation Velké Hamry

Roubenka "Adélka" accommodation Velké Hamry

Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka was built on the foundation and the stone base of the old farm of about 1900. A unique feature that attracted many visitors, is a small tower Liborka, part of the house. The landscape surrounding beautiful you can see from here the customers according to the owner. In good weather is here to see the highest Czech mountain Snezka.

Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka accommodation
Ground floor and first floor in Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka are connected by wooden stairs. The building can accommodate up to 7 people. On the ground floor is a step change in the racks for skis, lounge, satellite TV, DVD, radio with CD player, coffee table style with corner bench and 3 chairs.

Roubenka Adelka Velke Hamry accommodation gastronomy
Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka offers kitchen layout, kitchen with sink, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, electric cooker with ceramic hob and electric oven, microwave, coffee maker and kettle. This team will provide everything needed to make the food you want.

Accommodation Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka services
Velke Hamry Roubenka Adelka has secure parking for guests of the three cars, more parking is 50 roads him, also for three cars. For children there is a sandbox for children and climbing wooden frame with swing and rope ladder. The seat is a pergola with a fireplace and barbecue. In the summer months is used to update a heat pump oval heated swimming pool 6 x 3 x 1.5 m, where the garden furniture outdoors.

Accommodation Roubenka Adelka Velke Hamry the neighborhood
Like what you throw a stone, near the Great Hamry Roubenky Jablonec Adelka the city. Jablonec is the gateway to one of the most beautiful and popular tourist from the Czech Republic - Jizera. Those interested in sports and recreation facilities offer sports Jablonec and filming at Mšeno Brizky, swimming in three dams Jablonec, tennis courts and outdoor indoor rooms and more than Prosec Brízky, indoor pool, a skating rink cover, cross-country ski resort in Břízky, slalom slope in good water lovers of horses and horse riding near Rynovice.

winter sports, directly in hotel: NO, free of charge: YEShiking, directly in hotel: NO, free of charge: YESaccomodation with children, directly in hotel: NO, free of charge: YES


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